A limit of your Kindness

kindness-2-676x284Recently Steve had a car accident. So he put his car in the garage to carry out the repair work. Since he had to go to the job daily, he decided that until the car is ready, he will travel by the metro train. One day, he noticed a homeless guy at the train station at night. He felt pity for him, so he gave him some change from his pocket.

The homeless guy thanked him for it. Next day again, he noticed the homeless guy at the same place. This time Steve though to get him something to eat, so he went outside the station and brought him a meal. The homeless guy thanked him for his kindness. But Steve got curious and asked him, “How did you get to this point?” Читать далее

My unusual hobby

41520606_1836471513126447_6910678125307232256_nMy hobby is sport. Sport is very important in my life.

My first hobby is swimming. I go in for swimming all year round for five years. I go to the swimming pool three times a week and spend a lot of time there. We study different styles of swimming for different distances.

My second hobby is Judo. «Judo» means «gentle way». I started going judo two years ago. I go to the Judo three times a week. After sometime my hard training led me to good results. I’ve got some medals and diplomas.  I already have a yellow judo belt.

 Chess and running marathons are also my hobbies.

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