My family

 My family consists of four members: my mother, grandmother, grandfather and me. My mother’s name is Marianna. She is 38 year old. She worked in the Youth Foundation of Armenia. She was HR manager. But now she’s not working. My mother fond of music, reading, art and hiking. She  has got a lot of interesting books.  My mother is tall, with big eyes, slim and red — haired, very clever and kind. 

My grandfather’s name is Artyom. He is working in “Albatross” company. He is a director. My grandfather fond of fishing. Hi is tall, slim and dark-haired. My grandmother’s name is Karine. She is working with my grandfather.  She is shorter than my grandfather and mother, fair- haired and very kind. She is fond of growing flowers and has got a lot of beautiful flowers in her room.